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I specialize in 2-D sprite design and animation. I also do background art.

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Anon 08 July 2020

Unsure of anything...

Got in contact with Wood on Aug 21. He stated that he was working on it that day. He later told me that day he would have something tomorrow morning. The next morning he sent me a remade concept of an example i already sent him. Which was fine so he knew the exact style he was going for. Friday he updates me that he's been finishing up client work and he should be free that afternoon. Sunday Aug 27, he says he will have something for me tomorrow. Tuesday Aug 29th, I message him asking if everything is ok. he said unexpected revisions came up. I get in contact with him again Aug 29th, "I'll have this one for sure to you tomorrow." Sept 2, he had to work overnight on some comic deal, still nothing to show. Sept 5th he wraps up that comic thing, he then says he'll have soething for me next day. nothing. And finally Sept 11, he notifies me he's really far behind on other projects and then says he has to drop out.

Will update as soon as this resolves or if something develops.

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