Black Shell Media LLC is a video game publishing, marketing, and PR firm focusing on the global distribution of indie games. Founded by Daniel Doan and Raghav Mathur in 2012, we’ve since worked with hundreds of game developers on various marketplaces including Steam and the Humble Store, published over 40 titles, and shipped over 550,000 copies of video games worldwide.

Our company was founded on the principle that great indie game developers deserve to be recognized, and we strive to seek out and promote only the most passionate developers. We believe that great gameplay experiences are deeply rewarding and deserve to be shared with the world. It’s our mission to help developers get more of what they want out of a career in the game industry—more fans and sustainable revenue.

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Child T 08 July 2020

Spam marketing, no ethics, no respect to anyone

Black Shell Media is easily the worst "game marketing company" that I know of, and by a huge margin.

Their actions can be characterized as attempting to maximize their own benefit from a deal at zero expense, and no matter how destructive to you.

They openly admit to abusing spam and violating law:

They will attempt to hide critique and are happy to lie you in the face:

The "marketing" they offer is emailing YouTubers (you can find lists and do this by yourself), automatically posting to social media (via Buffer[.com] - you can do that too), and hosting endless giveaways, growing *their* following and providing an endless stream of your game' keys to the gray key market.

It may be hard to find a more reliable way to destroy your game' sales and your reputation than dealing with these folks.


Test P 08 July 2020

Spam Marketing

You can spam your game yourself, you don't have to hire these guys to do it for you. They will ruin your game's reputation as much as they have their own.

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