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Hi. My name is Nikita Musatov, but you can call me MusNik. I am GameMaker: Studio game developer. Such as you. And I want present my games for the audience beautifully, easy and effectively. Such as you.

I can make some cool little video trailers for your games and assets.


Price is depending on complexity of video and additional costs for resources. Usually equals $10-$50. Payment - PayPal.

What may I need:

  • For Gameplay Trailers
    • Build of the game (for Windows) with some kind of walkthrough cheats (or already recorded gameplay).
    • Graphics resources from the game.
    • Sounds and music from the game.
    • Description of the game.
  • For Teaser Trailers (Animation Trailers)
    • Graphics resources optimized for bone animation.
    • Sounds and music from the game.
  • For Asset Trailers
    • Demo of Asset.
    • Graphics resources.

What can I do:

What I use for work:

  • After Effects.
  • Premier.
  • Anime Studio.
  • And other.

As you can see my English skills not as good as should. So, I hope for understanding and patience.

See ya!

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Anon 08 July 2020

Really good

Completed the work to a high standard. Very happy.


KeeVee Games (Publisher) 05 March 2016



Anon 08 July 2020

Amazing work!

Really professional and fast delivery. Will hire again for future projects for sure.


KeeVee Games (Publisher) 24 February 2016

Thank you!

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