Hi. I'm a programmer with more than 20 years of experience (6+ years of GM/GMS).

Programming service:

  • Any 2D games
  • Game prototypes
  • Game engines
  • GUI and HUD systems
  • Dialog systems
  • Editors (maps/levels, GUI/HUD, etc)
  • Tools (converters, loaders, generators, etc)
  • Any elements/systems for games, including:
    • User Interface (complete system, or just some elements, or/and editor for it; including adaptive)
    • Inventory/Shop/Equipment systems
    • Menu/Preferences
    • Generators (maze, terrain, etc)
    • Localization support
    • and other
  • I can help you with your projects (optimization, bug fixes, etc)
  • Also I can make Russian localization of your project (Including: fonts, changing graphics, etc)

(Note: I have a small experience with 3D and multiplayer)

Prefer platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5 (other are also possible).

Prefer languages: GML (GMS1, GMS2), C#, D, Lua.

Employment: Part-time, full-time. Remote work is also possible.

Communication/ProjectManagement: messengers (Discord/Skype/etc; no voice), e-mail, Trello, Redmine/ChiliProject/etc, Bitbucket/Github, and other.

Payment: PayPal, SWIFT. About $35-$250 per day (fixed price per project is also possible), it depends on complexity/required time/etc. I'm ready for your offers and each offer will be considered.

Any size/complexity of projects.

See more info there, please: topic on gmc

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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Anon 08 July 2020

A true professional

He was friendly, helpful, fast, with accessible prices. He did not only help me with my problem he took the time to list a bunch of bugs he found and he was kind enough to explain and help me understand a lot about coding and code optimization.


Dmi7ry (Publisher) 06 December 2017

Thank you, Marcos!


Anon 08 July 2020

The best game developer you'll come a cross

One of the most professional game developer I've worked with, he makes sure the project is done and done right


Anon 08 July 2020

He's awesome.

Professionalism, detailed explanations and high quality code.

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