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Reflecting Laser Beam

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This method of Reflecting Lasers utilizes a beam/wall object duality.

Summary of Mechanics: The Beams are created and are extended until they reach a wall object. They then detect which wall is the closest to the end point, a script is run to check the angle of the beam relative to its position to the wall, and the next beam is angled to the appropriate position.


  • Multiple Beam Colors to choose from
  • As many or as few beams can be reflected as you like
  • Sound Effects and Particle Systems
  • Minimal Platformer Mechanics
  • Deals damage to enemies

Beam/Wall Duality notes (please read): The beams have a specific relationship to the wall structures. The Walls should be objects which retain collision boxes that are perfect squares, and 0 degree rotation. The size of the wall objects can change.

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Age Rating: None


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 4, 2019

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