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By using a set of simple scripts, you can easily create two types of shockwaves on any surfaces, sprites or on fullscreen, and customize its appearance & behavior without interact with shader uniforms by yourself.


How to use

  • 1) First of all, you'll need to run the initialization script [ sw_init() ] once, and this can be done from anywhere of your codes.

  • 2) Then, you decide a target to apply the shader to - using [ sw_start() ]. The target can be either a sprite, surface or just fullscreen.

    For example:

    sw_start(sw_tarType_surface, surf_main);

    draw_surface(surf_main, 0, 0);


    Notice that you'll have to put a [ sw_end() ] at the end. For a more detailed explanation, see in the [ sw_start() ] script.

  • 3) To this part, all the preparations are completed. Now you can just use [ sw_linear_create() ] or [ sw_sphere_create() ] at anytime you want, from anywhere of your codes, to create a shockwave!

See in the script for its detailed explanation.


Additional functions

  • [ sw_delete() ] - Delete a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_delete_all() ] - Delete all the existing shockwaves.
  • [ sw_exist() ] - Check if a specific shockwave is existing or not.
  • [ sw_get_time() ] - Get the animation progress of a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_set_time() ] - Set the animation progress of a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_get_count() ] - Get the count of all the existing shockwaves.

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GMS2 - Version 1.1.1. Published December 31, 2018

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