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this is a very basic turn based combat system with a enemy player, health management, and game over logic.

The game is a functional example, however it still has some issues. -the AI can only do 1 of 2 moves -the AI currently can't do any kind of prediction and doesn't know anything about itself.
-there is a difficultly slider but it's buried deep in the script. -there is no logic for effects, so no poison, burns, freezing, sleeping or the like -the player can only pick between 2 moves and they choose via a pop up window.

but there are some plus sides -start up, turns in battle, and win/lose logic are all defined and functional -everything is handled through one script, placed multiple times throughout a single object, with a fully functional example. -sprites for individual attacks and players are defined and trigger via script. so if your an artist who struggles with coding this is a great asset for you. all the coding is done, and you can just swap out my "art" for your art. -there is a fully functional example of the code in the asset. much like the example projects in game maker, only not as good looking.
-there is a full demo in the link below you can play for free to see if this is the asset for you


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 25, 2017

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