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A GML implementation of a MOD tracker player. Simple to use player allowing for multiple MODs in memory at once, as well as simultaneous playback to allow cross fading. Also includes a recording mode allowing you to make an MP3/OGG of your MOD file.

Commands currently include

  • mod_load_mod()
  • mod_play()
  • mod_play_looping()
  • mod_stop()
  • mod_resume()
  • mod_restart()
  • mod_set_volume()
  • mod_get_volume()
  • mod_set_channel_mute()
  • mod_get_channel_mute()
  • mod_toggle_channel_mute()
  • mod_set_channel_volume()
  • mod_get_channel_volume()
  • mod_save_recording()
  • mod_set_speed()
  • mod_get_speed()
  • mod_free()

Formats supported

  • .mod

Current effects supported: 0,1,2,9,$a,$c,$d,$f,$ea,$eb

  • 00 = arpeggio
  • 01 = pitch bend UP
  • 02 = pitch bend DOWN
  • 09 = Set sample offset
  • 0A = Channel volume slide
  • 0C = Set channel volume
  • 0D = Pattern break
  • 0F = Set MOD speed (0 to $1f)
  • EA = Fine volume UP
  • EB = Fine volume DOWN

Currently not functioning in HTML5 due to runner bugs.

You may only use the mod player in a compiled form,that being part a game or application executable. You are not permitted to distribute the source in any way, in part or in full. Nor are you permitted to sell the player in source form in part or in full, even if part of a derivative work. You are permitted to make changes to the source for your own use only, but are not permitted to distribute or sell sources to these works in any way.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published January 30, 2017

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