Advance AI Shooter TDS-Engine

Dave Martinez

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70 Sold! Thank you! Leave a review & rating! Trying to make this my fourth 5-Star rating asset!

Version 5.3.5 released! 10/26/16 12:07AM -Cleaned up code, added comments to engine. Tracking AI and Avoiding, Alternate routes is almost perfect now!

AI types have been separated into two Tracking, Distance AI.

Tracking AI

  1. Loss of Sight. *Will track the AI in a circular motion if the player is in range, until it sees the player.
  2. Avoids objects and projectiles.
  3. Player Detection / Line of Sight
  4. Chase mode around walls

Distance AI Distance AI, can spawn any where in the room with three options: 1.stay in place on spawn 2.create path, move to point on spawn 3.create path, move to player on spawn ​

Avoids objects and projectiles. Line of Sight​

-Easy to customize by simply changing numbers to your liking!​

W,A,S,D = Movement Left Click= Fire Q = Debug Grid

Version 5.3.1 released! 10/23/16 Version 4.1.1 released: adds one more AI type. Version 3.5.0 released Version 3.1.4 released to fix bugs/memory leak.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 5.3.6. Published October 29, 2016

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