HDTDT - Platformer Plus


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This is a very special edition of HDTDT. Covering topics similar to the Mario HDTDT installment, this platformer special is an extended version of that particular asset. Covering interesting and new tricks like extremely advanced AI, prechoreographed movements and wall jumping, this asset is a completely new addition to the HDTDT series.

Be warned, the AI players in this asset are some of the nastiest I've ever created - and they will kick your butt!

In this special installment, we look at many features such as:

  • Pre choreographed movements for complex AI movement
  • Wall jumping
  • Colored health bars
  • Teams (All players by default are different teams, but the engine was designed to make this easily changable)
  • Obtaining weapons and health from crates
  • Easy to use score board that keeps track of kills and deaths for each player
  • Grenades and grenade physics
  • Two handed, one handed or no handed weapons
  • Automatic, semiautomatic weapons and grenades
  • Advanced AI that can track and follow you no matter where you try to go
  • Views and screen shaking for explosions
  • Fast bullets with precise collisions
  • Respawning in safe areas with no enemies
  • Attacking the closest enemy not obstructed by walls
  • Finite-State-Machines (FSM)

And so so much more!

  • Note that these projects / source engines are NOT completed games. They are simply demos that seek to break down the core mechanics of a beloved and popular video game. While many of these games are no doubt programmed outside of the Game Maker IDE, their core components attempt to replicate consistency and accuracy to the authenticity of the original invention.

Please leave a review - good or bad, as this helps myself and others see what this asset should have, what it may be missing or what is praise worthy. Thank you and have a great day!

For suggestions, comments, questions or concerns please email [email protected]

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Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 20, 2016

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