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TMC Command Stack!

A re-written version of my original command stack which allows defining complex AI behaviors with ease

The system consist of a list/stack of instructions/command scripts that define the behavior of an AI like patrolling an area. The command scripts themselves can modify the command stack instructions, adding to the command stack, inserting instructions in the behavior so to give chase to an enemy and to come back to patrolling when done


  1. Stack and list type feature... Push Pop Add commands to the command list/stack
  2. Sample commands scripts included. Kept it simple this time
  3. Command Script can add to the current list to modify behavior
  4. Switch from one state to another easily
  5. Basically a script based state machine on steroids
  6. Accommodation for comparing script to peek at what is currently active
  7. Accommodation for defining script subset as a string lookup to prevent calling non command type script

Note Unlike my original gm6,7,and 8 version, I purposefully kept this version as simple as possible so not to obscure the system with options no one would ever use.

The system is not interchangeable with my previous version of the command stack on the GMC. Similar in features, yes, but your existing scripts would need to be converted to the new concept.

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 24, 2016

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