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The Grumble Labs Adaptive Music Player is professionally mixed and mastered collection of music (and scripting solution) that can fluidly morph between a collection of arrangements based on scripting events to evoke different emotions without breaking from the musical theme. Procedural audio in a few clicks.

  • FREE
  • Easy To Use - Can Be Used For A Game Jam Or Commercial Game
  • 4 Pieces Of Music (Licenses Included And Able To Be Used In For-Profit Projects)
  • 4 Additional Free Pieces of Music Designed For The Player On The Marketplace (They wouldn't fit within the 50 mb filesize limit.)

    Free Extra Content 1

    Free Extra Content 2

  • Included Music Files Constructed For Use With The Player

  • Fully commented code

  • Example Implementation Room

  • Full Documentation PDF Included

  • Set Crossfade/Fade-In/Fade-Out Times Manually Or Through Scripting

  • Play Song With A Single Line Of Code, Morph Song With a Single Line Of Code

Includes 4 Pieces, each with Progressive Metal / Chiptune / Light Synth mutations:

  • Chaos In The Bubblebath (60ms Looping Crossfade Intended)

  • Factory Birth (60ms Looping Crossfade Intended)

  • The Puzzle Box (140ms Looping Crossfade Intended)

  • The Puzzle Cube (60ms Looping Crossfade Intended)

Visit www.grumblelabs.com to hear all of the included music, or just download the asset, cause you know, it's free.

DISCLAIMER: The Adaptive Music Player requires functionality from the newer GameMaker audio system and will not work properly with the legacy system. This means that this asset cannot be used in HTML5 builds (and possibly others), which at the moment, don't use the new audio system.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published January 20, 2016

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