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Introduction This 3d skeletal animation shader (skinning shader) can be used to load bone-based animated 3d models into Game Maker Studio. 3D Skeletal Animation is a relatively simple concept which requires a list of bones and bone-weights to be stored on the CPU. Similar to Frame-Based animation it uses the CPU to interpolate between frames, but instead of operating on a per-vertex level it operates on a per-bone level. The end-result is faster than interpolated frame-animation, and uses less RAM.


  • Misfit Model 3D (MM3D) file importing
  • CPU-sided bone skeleton animating
  • GPU accelerated skeleton skinning
  • Custom per-joint offsets for dynamic transformations

How it works:

  • Loading a Misfit Model 3D (MM3D) model only imports the model data and parses it into our generic skeleton model format:
    • **To actually use the model, you'll need to create an animated instance of the model (limited to one animated instance per object).
  • An animated instance is a "wrapper" for our generic animated-model format and it makes it easy to render bone-based models in Game Maker Studio.
  • It works with a simple vertex shader. The shader takes in the 4 bone-weights and the 4 bone-indices. It multiplies each vertex by the bone matrix and the bone weight. The fragment shader is a simple passthrough shader.


  • If you would like to see the extension in action before purchasing, check out the demo!


Known Issues:

  • It does have one flaw; It isn't as fast as we would like it to be. Game Maker is terrible at iterating through data, and that is the main thing our skeletal system does. We've spent a long time optimizing it for most machines, and we can render about 100 animating models with 40-bones at above 60 fps under YYC. So, this may not be ideal for mobile gaming, but it's perfectly fine for desktop gaming with modern hardware.

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Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 2.0.0. Published August 11, 2016

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