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Defer Script Calls for Later!

TMC Script Batch allows you to batch a set of scripts from anywhere in your game to be performed later.

The video demonstrates the use as the tank tells the ground to render its tracks and the debug information on screen is also batched and filled from many places

One major hurdle in game maker is to have an object do multiple things at different times, have an effect on multiple parts of your game.

Such hurdle for example is to have 2 rendering modes, like say you have a light that draws a lightbulb in the room but also needs to draw a light pattern on a surface... The conventional method is to draw the bulb, switch the rendering mode to bm_add and set the draw target to a surface and draw you light pattern on the surface...

Another hurdle is drawing shadows on the ground for a character, but the character is at a higher depth than the ground and other things have been drawn already... and you can't draw under the other stuff...

With this system you can batch script calls into a script container and perform the calls at a later time from another object!

For example, a character renders itself in the draw on screen, but can add scripts to a batch directly from the end step to tell the ground to draw its shadow when the ground draws.

Another hurdle is texture swaps and draw batches on android; having things render with bm_add, then bm_normal, having to change the texture for a render... with this system you can batch the draw calls yourself. Have a script batch for bm_add mode, setting the mode ounce and performing all the scripts in one go,


  1. Create multiple independent script batches
  2. Run the batch at any time and in any event you want
  3. API similar to the ds_list
  4. Use it to batch your rendering
  5. Use it to perform actions on multiple parts of the game from one location

BETA RELEASE Only 2 batchable scripts are provided Visit support forum for suggestions

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.2. Published December 23, 2015

fixed references to function to_array() to tmc_sb_to_array() Sorry about that

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