Audio Megapack - 160 sounds!

Joshua Wayne

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Tons of game sounds for all kinds of uses! This Megapack contains over 23 MB of sound files!!!

Includes 160 High Quality 16 bit .wav files that can be used for menus, power-ups, events indicators, computer beeps, in-game sounds or anything you want to use them for.

Sound range from Alerts, Beeps, Jingles, Orchestral and synthy-futuristic themed sets as well!

The Developers Essential Audio Megapack includes 5 themed sets (basic,bass,orchestra,synth1,synth2) with 19 sounds in each themed set plus it includes 2 other sub-folders (Alerts, Chimes, Jingles with 26 sounds & Beeps, Assorted, Menu Sounds with 39 sounds!!!)

These the extra sub-folders contain mini themed packs and various assorted game sounds including 6 ambient sounds and dancy themed, happy-bells themed, and exotic themed mini sets which includes some short musical jingles for things like " 'game start sounds', 'game end sounds', 'secret found sounds' & 'player fail descend' "

The best way to navigate this pack is probably to create a new blank project and import the assets then create a list of the ones you want to use and then import those into your game directly as importing all 160 wav files can massively increase the size of a game!

Since this pack contains only 16 bit .wav files it is supported on all platforms as game maker converts for Mac/IOS!

I hope the GM community will find use of these sounds!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 22, 2015

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