Bullet Hell Pattern Generator

Michael Winger

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Bullet Hell Pattern Generator consists of three easy to implement scripts to generate the fabulous bullet patterns for your bullet hell games.

Updated video showing new pattern options - http://youtu.be/GDs3QEbV_l0

There are also two test object included to allow you to see how the scripts are implemented. The first object is a test bullet that has holds the necessary actions and variables called by the pattern script. The second is the pattern generator. It calls the scripts to create and run the patterns. It also has a GUI so you can edit pattern values in-game to see the effect the changes will have in real-time.

Once the scripts are imported, customization of quick, easy, and straightforward. All of the code is commented and explained. I will also be available to personally assist anyone who has trouble with the script.

Customization Options include:

  • Number of bullets per pattern
  • Angle of bullets in the pattern
  • Speed of Bullets
  • Objects to use as Bullets
  • Bullet Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Bullet Curving
  • Spin speed of the pattern
  • Accelerating/Decelerating Spins
  • Pattern Fire Rate
  • Off-center Firing

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published February 19, 2015

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