Essential Scripts


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Essential Scripts is a useful collection of scripts

  • draw_text_outlined draw text with a coloured outline
  • draw_text_shadow draw text with a shadow 1px below (with colour and alpha)
  • draw_text_shadow_ext draw text with a shadow at a certain distance and in a certain direction (with colour and alpha)
  • draw_sprite_outlined draw a sprite with a coloured outline
  • draw_sprite_shadow draw a sprite with a shadow (with distance, direction, colour & alpha)
  • string_split split a given string in to a ds_list with a given "splitter string"
  • approach current value approaches target value by a given amount
  • smooth_approach smoothly approach a target value
  • angle_approach turn an angle towards a target angle with turn speed
  • percent_chance % chance to return true
  • round_chance decimal chance of rounding a number up (e.g. 1.75 has a 75% chance of returning 2)
  • set_chance % chance of returning value 1 or value 2
  • multi_chance multiple values, each value has a % chance of being returned
  • ds_list_reverse reverse a ds_list
  • ds_list_random return a random value from a ds_list
  • ds_list_delete_all remove all instances of a value from a ds_list
  • instance_list_random returns a list of instances, in a random order
  • instance_nearest_list returns a list of instances, in nearest order
  • mouse_over check if mouse is within the object's bounding box
  • stick_to stick an object to another object with x/y offset
  • stick_to_angle stick an object to another object, taking image_angle in to consideration
  • within returns true if the given variable is close enough to the given value

Scripts contain example uses and descriptions where necessary.

The list will be added to and updated continuously, and I'm open to taking new script suggestions.

Check out my other assets here: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/publishers/584/rupert-reckless

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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GMS1 - Version 1.1.0. Published November 24, 2015

Added 9 new scripts

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