Platformer Deluxe Sounds

Johan Brodd

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Making the next 8 bit platform game? Need some awesome sounds to go along with it?

  • This package contains jumps, collects, and powerups.
  • There are 4 variations per sound type
  • There are 16 models of sound per variation such as:
    • Jump_03d
    • Collect_01p

New stuff added: Breakable glass and stone sounds.

All sounds comes in a handy dandy asset package to import straight into GameMaker Studio.

And to all who might think I rip sounds without permission or payment to the software designer:

I pay for all my software I use, I even went so far and asked the author of Sfxr and LabChirp if they had means to accept donations so I can use these softwares commercially. In other words: SFXR and LabChirp donated for, so that's not any big issue which software I chooses to create my sound effects with.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: None


GMS1 - Version 0.5.0. Published December 22, 2014

More breakable sounds:

64 crashing stone sounds.

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